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Grand Theft Auto V XBOX360-QUACK
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Grand Theft Auto V XBOX360-QUA
2013-09-13 11:25:36 GMT
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Grand Theft Auto V XBOX360-QUACK 

Year: 2013
Genre: Action (Shooter) / Racing (Cars) / 3D / 3rd Person
Developer: Rockstar North
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Publisher in Russia: 1C-SoftKlab
Region: Region Free
Publication Type: License
Firmware: LT +3.0 (XGD3 / 16202)
Language: MULTi9 [English / Russian]
Type of translation: the text
Verified to work releasers: Checked!
Support: USB 3.0

System.................: XBOX 360
Format.................: 2 x DVD ISO
Region.................: RF
Size...................: xx x 100MB
Release Date...........: 12/09/2013
Genre..................: Action/Adventure
Language...............: English
Developer..............: Rockstar North
Publisher..............: Rockstar Games

Verification Results (ABGX):


Game is working and running, Flash Drive Supported is 3.0, Both disk content 

is for the Single Player and Second One for other Contents and yes QUACK have 

show some Brilliance, till Scene group comes out will hang on to this one and 

Fooks its GTA 5, wouldn't believe it myself too. More to come soon guys and yes 

PC Version will also be coming :)





@ thegoat12
Has your xbox360 disc drive bn flashed?
has anyone tried this on live if so how long has it bin since you first clicked start game no spam please just a honest answer
p.s. I have over a 24.657 share ratio so for so you are welcome people will continue seeding for about 5 to 6 more days
PPL!!! I GOT IT TO Work without crashing/ingame restarting/freeze!!!!(My game used to restart while playing with Franklin in the stolen car)!!!

I have lt 3.0 no jtag no rgh, just flashed xbox

1-I deleted all my itens of gta 5.
2- I instaled disc 1 to my external drive then plug in disc 2.
*****3- When asked to store youre game save or save game use a usb formated by xbox (THE important step) then play the game without any probs!!!!
For people having issues with disc 2 saying to replace storage and reinstall: It happened to me, its a bad burn of the disc. Try reburning or if it continues do what I did. Download Complex version and burn disc one again.

I'm currently using Disc 1 from Complex and Disc 2 from Quack. Working fine now.

For the people having issues with the game freezing: Clear your XBOX's cache settings>system settings>storage>press "Y" for device options>Clear system cache. This should stop the freezing issues.
Burn both discs turnicate install both. Burn disc 2 with Ihas or burnermax payload tool and use it to play. Works everytime.
Burn both disc's turnicate and install both to hdd, then burn disc 2 with burnermax payload tool or ihas and use it to play. Works 100% If you don't know what burnermax is google it.
Stealth verification failed. This needs to be run through abgx360 on autofix level 3 to patch before using
If you are having issues with Disc 2 saying where the game crashes in midst of a mission and says not enough storage, do this:

1. Delete your GTA V files from your hard drive, including any save games and installations.

2. Clear your cache.

3. Re-install Disc 1. When asked to enter disc 2 just press the xbox button and exit to dashboard.

4. Clear your cache again.

5. Re-burn Disc 2 accordingly:

i. Open up ImgBurn, go to settings and click the write tab, then choose "User Specified" under Layer Break and copy paste "2086912" in the box (without quotations!). Here is a picture:

ii. Open your GTA Disc 2 DVD file on notepad and change layerbreak to "2086912"

iii. Burn with speed 2.4x and choose overburn. You will get an error pop-up about the layer break but don't worry, just press OK.

iv. You'll get an I/O error once again when you reach 97% and you'll see that there are 20 retries on ImgBurn log, just click "Cancel" on this pop-up to get to finalizing disc process.. If asked to try and perform "Close Track / Session / Disc" functions, click YES..

6. Put in Disc 2 and enjoy!
I converted the images with "ISO2GOD" and used a hard disk on my xbox but just i see this message

Impossible read the disc

X.X help?

i already played a lot of games with a hard disk
is dvd1 required or can i just burn dvd2 to play the game? please answer asap :)
Ran thru abgx, burnt on verbs with Ihas drive. Works 100% on lt3.0 Thank you!
THE FIRST DISK STOPPS AT INSTALLING AROUND 2030 MB out of 7070 when installing disk nr.1.

Try´d 5 disks, same prob!
Anyone ???
Doesn’t anybody have the same problem as i?
White installing the first disk, that stops at 2030MB??


I have a flashed drive. I am getting stuck on 2033Mb of the download. Anyone have any advice on how to fix this?
I tried converting disc2 into god by iso2god but it says could not locate default.xex(please help)
Can you play online with this?
people, stop telling other people you need a flashed xbox/dvd, JTAG/RGH, or anything else. the only thing you need to buy is a 16gb usb thumb drive. then ya download iso2god and horizon. so much easier and cheaper then other methods. if you want to play online though, invest in stuff for stealth patch mod
you can but i wouldn't without stealth patch. without it, youll most likely get caught pretty damn quick. and youll be banned from live. its worth whatever youd pay to get it. or you could do it yourself for free if you knew what you were doing