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Damage Inc Pacific Squadron WWII XBOX360-COMPLEX
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Damage Inc Pacific Squadron WWII XBOX360 COMPLEX Boobsman
2012-08-24 18:37:48 GMT
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Damage Inc Pacific Squadron WWII XBOX360-COMPLEX

Damage Inc.: Pacific Squadron WWII begins with the attack on Pearl Harbor and takes you through all of the real battlefields of the Pacific Theatre. With 23 historically accurate missions and 100+ mission objectives, your experience will include all the challenges that actual pilots faced dogfighting, torpedo and dive bombing, carrier takeoffs and landings in a mix of intense air-to-air, air-to-ship and air-to-ground combat.

Expand your gaming experience from single-player campaign to an array of multiplayer challenges. Team up with your friends to replay all the missions in co-op mode with up to four players, or explore new and exclusive multiplayer modes like “Scratch One Flattop” which pits two teams against each other in a mix of fighters and bombers to see who can sink the other team’s aircraft carrier first.


Pilot over 30 accurately represented WWII aircraft

Eliminate every “Ace” in the enemy squadron

Engage in head-to-head dogfights with up to 8 players on Xbox LIVE

Fly over 20 single-player missions spanning 10 historically accurate maps

Two different modes – Sim & Arcade – challenge both novice and expert pilots

Platform: XBOX360
Region: Region Free
Format: XGD2
Size: 1 DVD
Language: English
Genre: Action


@boobsman where is madden 13????
Thanks boobsman. Will you have Madden 13 soon?
guys. fucking relax about Madden 13. lol not being patient at all. keep doing this and he won't upload it.. gush!!! :)
I've seen footage of this game on You Tube. Looks good. Plus I like WWII theme games
No i've decided not to post Madden, people keep asking for it but i don't think im gonna upload, gonna keep it to myself :D
please..........I'll be good! :)
please!! ur the man boobsman.... Madden 13!!!!
@boobsman lmao!!! you are not the only uploader...this is just a second source to xbox360iso to me and nobody has madden 13 to upload yet so stop with the keeping it to yourself tactics lol
Why would you keep madden 13 to urself bro ? Plz up it dude. Dont be a wanker
@ url1958 looool do you not understand the concept of a joke? Madden has not been released yet, as always everyone wants what they cannot have, it'll get posted when its released so why keep asking......
@boobsman lol pay me no nevermind...just kidding...u been the only source i use on here but thanks for all the other releases
lol Thank 4 the update bro. I cant believe it. IGN has it's review posted, people have it.
why do people keep saying you need special burners thats bullshit you just need a normal dual layer burner and some decent DVD+R DL disc if you dont know how 2 burn just google it its simple so stop saying these games dont work when they all work perfectly well why whould boobsman even bother uploading a game if it dont work are u lot abit thick
@ koooor most games will burn and play fine from a normal dual layer burner, though some do need an ihas burner just to work (such as dragons dogma) and all xgd3 games must be burner with an ihas if you intend to play online.
lt 3.0 ?
@ MonteZionBrasil this is an xgd2 iso so will work with older firmware but not older than LT1.9
I Get unrecognised disk please help
Region Code: 0x00FF00FF
Don't waste your time with this lousy game. Some levels won't let you advance even after you have completed all the objectives and you have to keep restarting checkpoints. Stupid fucking piece of shit game from a fucking retard developer.
Can anybody point me in the direction of a tutorial that excplains how to successfully burn an XBOX360 game so that it actually works???