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Mass Effect [RF], XBOX360
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2011-04-28 21:26:46 GMT
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Mass Effect for XBox 360                                          Rel. 11/20/2007

Region Free
Wave 2
Stealth Patched, No AP2.5

Discs:            1
Image:            .DVD/ISO
Genre.:           RPG
Rating:           Mature
Requirements:     Modded or Flashed Drive (iXtreme or LT+)

Compressed with 7Zip, Game was tested and works.

Note: Your xbox360 console must be Modded or drive flashed with Ixtreme
      to play any copy. It isn't recommended to play any game copy online 
      unless your using LT+. Even then you still run the risk of getting 
      banned so just be aware of that.

Game Description:

Mass Effect (the first part in a planned trilogy) features the unique chance to play as Jack Bauer in space.

The bigger story of the trilogy is that in every 50,000 years a very cool looking portal, decorated heavily with Hollywood quality special effects, will open up and destroy all life in the universe. 

But the story of this chapter deals with Commander Shepard, supposedly the first human candidate for the elite group of special agents (the Spectres), who serve the inter-galactic Council, comprised of the oldest and most powerful races in the universe. With or without the help of the Council, Shepard has to stop Saren, a Spectre member who went rogue and tries to exact revenge upon the human race.

In Mass Effect you play as Commander Shepard - who is fully customizable in the character creation screen, you can make him/her look any way you want. Also Commander Shepard, both female and male versions of the character, is fully voiced.

Mass Effect introduces a new conversation system in which responses to NPC's are displayed and can be chosen before the NPC has finished speaking. This, combined with detailed facial expressions, allows for more fluid and natural conversations.

Combat in Mass Effect takes place in real time, and is similar to tactical squad-based shooters. Much like in BioWare's previous game, Knights of the Old Republic, the player can pause at any time to give orders to other squad members. The squad members are AI-dependable, but general commands (such as run forward, take cover, target a specific enemy, etc) can be issued without pausing.

Mass Effect comes with less "black and white" morality than in previous BioWare games. There are two sides of morality in this title - Paragon and Renegade, with Paragon being a more diplomatic, official military courtesy following character and Renegade being the ends justify the means, damning everything to hell kind of character.

The main quest with its choices and consequences is only a small part of the experience - there are several optional planets of side-questing and exploration and there will be a lot more, since the idea is to keep public interest up with downloadable content, until the sequel.

The PC-version of Mass Effect differs in some points from the Xbox360 release. Besides higher resolution graphics, the mini game about hacking a computer has been changed. Now instead of playing "Simon Says", the player has to get a triangle into the middle of a circle by avoiding the blocks that are constantly moving around in a Frogger-like fashion. The interface has also undergone massive changes. Besides a new quick slot bar in which the player can assign up to eight abilities for quick access to the number keys, the pause menu has been changed to give the player faster and better control over his teammates. It's now also possible to give every teammate individual orders instead of having both do the same thing. Item management has also been simplified to account for the new keyboard/mouse control scheme which also allows for better precision in the shooter-like fights.

Only use DVD Decrypter or Imgburn to burn with respected media.

If using DVD Decrypter make sure Layer Break (For DL Media) is at 1913760 user specified option. As DVD Decrypter doesn't recognize .DVD files.

If your new to the Xbox360 scene do some research online.

Any Problems or questions please post a comment.

If this is working fine for you let us know write a comment.

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thank you!!
Thanks for this, I was missing it, and TPB didn't have it anymore.
can anybody get l.a noire or lego pirates of the carribean yet or the new resident evil for xbox yet plz

To @hansolo77 your full of it this pass abgx360 100% all green.

If you want to prove it to yourself download and check it yourself with abgx360.
I _DID_ download it, and ran it through ABGX, thats why I wrote the comment. I'm not "full of it". It failed while checking the CRC's, stating it was incorrectly ripped/extracted, content on the disk was manually edited, or archival de-compression failed. It's probably the .7z archival compression that caused the failure. Your reply with the cut/paste of ABGX's results is good, but did you try this on your own image file AFTER decompressing the file in your .7z arcive? If not, you should try that and see if it still comes out clean. I'll try and redownload it again though, just cause I really want to play this game. I only offered a comment because you state in your own release details:

"Any Problems or questions please post a comment.

If this is working fine for you let us know write a comment."
My sincerest apologies. I've just finished re-downloading and re-processing though ABGX360, and this new download came out fine. It must have been something on my end. If there was any way to remove my warning post that started the argument, I would. This game is perfectly fine. Thanks again for posting it.
No prob hansolo77 Don't worry about my apologies to no your not full of it we all make mistakes, enjoy the game!
Downloading now at 1mb per second keep it up i'll let you guys now my results :)
Thx,this works!
Thx Big_dude! Another great upload. Game is working! :D Cant wait to play since Mass effect 3 is coming.
@ Big_dude and hansolo77

Glad you two worked it out nicely! Thanks so much for upload and review :P
whaats th .dvd file for?
can i use a 4.7 dvd for this or 8.5 DL dvd?
the game runs perfect on LT 2.0, x-slim, liteon.

Many thanks to the uploader.
Thank You man! downloading!
Thank you man! Downloading!
Love humble discussion...
Hats off for two fine gents
I played this for over an hour last night. I get dirty disc error each time sheppard approaches the beacon. He levitates, then dirty disc.
also this tracker is being monitored by the ESA. yet another email received this morning for downloading Friday. Used to only bother you for seeding, evidently not the case any longer.
This torrent barely has any download speed. C'mon guys please seed this classic! I promise to do the same. It would be really appreciated. :)