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2014-11-14 03:58:08 GMT
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Title..........: Far Cry 4
Genre..........: Shooter
Region.........: NTSC
Platform.......: XBOX360


Jtaggers Please help. When trying to play the game it said it needed to install that 3+ GB of data or whatever. Right after that the loading screen came up but instantly the "This Disc Is Unreadable" message came up and it sends me back to FSD. It keeps happening and I don't know what to do. Am I supposed to do something special with the Installation1 folder or is there some way to make sure it installed those 3+ GB properly?
Just solved my own problem. If anyone else is using a JTAG/RGH and it keeps saying the disc is unreadable after installation, do this:

You have to move all the files in the "installation1" folder into the root folder. You should have a bunch of duplicate folders and files to overwrite. Don't worry about overwriting because the installation1 folder contains all necessary files. Hope this works for you like it worked for me if you run into the same problem.

And thanks for the torrent Drarbg. I download your torrents a lot and I wanna suck your dick and I should comment on torrents more and say thank you and shit
Thanks _War_Machine! Your method worked. And Thanks Drarbg for the upload!
does this game work truncate/overburn?
Doesnt work, ive burned/played alot of games uploaded by imars and for some reason this game and cod advanced warfare both say "this disc is not supported" ive tried multiple verbatims and same thing. i have a overburning dl burner that has burned over 50 working xbox games without failure so its not my burner or my discs theres somthing with the game that wasn't ripper properly or something.
doesn't work for me. have IHAS and lte3.
I get an error i never got when burning, saying there is a session fixation error.

cant seem to find any help on the web also about this.
works fine :) lt3.0, abgx with the ini file, imgburn with truncate method, no wifi needed, no dash update or anything.
@box_77 I tried burning using truncate it install till halfway and a message pops up saying "Installation has failed" has this happen to anyone else?
Overburning didnt work either, does anyone have the install files i can download, i already wasted 5 disc trying to get this to work
When is coming out in RF (REGION FREE)?
cinogen at 2014-11-16 20:21 CET:
doesn't work for me. have IHAS and lte3.
I get an error i never got when burning, saying there is a session fixation error.

What you do Is write the game with Nero burning rom You will get the same error but when you test the game the game will work please trust me I have done it with 3 games now and works great. All I have done in Nero is verified disk I unclick it as well.
Imgburn have give me first this error then it did not work when I tried the disk then I tried Nero and it work when I test the disk :-)
When coming out in format region free? (RF)
I am kinda new at this. I have burned games but some of these dont work. Can some one help me? My email is [email protected] I also have skype and teamveiwer. Thanks
If you have RGH/JTAG Xbox, do this:

1) Extract the ISO with Xbox Image Browser to your computer.

2) Browse the extracted game folder into the "Installation1" folder, cut its content and paste it one level above (the game's root folder, where you can see a "default.xex" file). Overwrite existing files.
Delete the now empty 'Installation1' folder.

3) Rename 'default.xex' to 'default1.xex', and 'game.xex' to 'default.xex'.

4) copy game folder to you external HDD driver/FTP (as with all other games), and enjoy the game.

For those getting unreadable disc go to abgx and put level auto fix to 0 and in options untick check game partition CRC when needed.
hi there try the copy everything from folder but it did not over write anything and I didn't boot up when I went to play it
hi there try the copy everything from folder but it did not over write anything and I didn't boot up when I went to play it

This copy didnt work for me when OVERBURNED only COMPLEX version works, just a heads up for the ppl who couldnt get pass half way of the installation
this is a EXTREMELY stupid question but would my xbox have to have a jtag or be flashed to use a torrent?
Far Cry 4 COMPLEX Is now verified on abgx360 as of Nov.29.14 6:48pm EST
Hi! Ive done all the steps that need doing and put the folder on my hdd but when i try to play the game i get a message saying
"the game couldnt start. Try downloading the game again."
Does anyone know how to fix this?
Thanks in advance :)
at R0YB0Y

you the man, your directions worked perfectly, got it patched thru abgx

im using lt3 an ihas drive an verbatims

works perfectly

i wanted the ntsc version so not interested in RF version