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Forza Horizon REPACK XBOX360 iMARS
2014-09-27 14:05:26 GMT
Drarbg VIP

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ABGX says verification failed.
@flip69 of course it's going to say that, ABGX doesn't have it verified yet. The game hasn't even been released yet.

Also, Works great! Thanks Drarbg
Will it work from hard drive ?
Great upload!
Doesnt work for me tho, put it on my hdd but it will not show up on gamelist and i cannot start it by using file manager either.
How do you put a game on the hard drive?
If you have rgh you just use any ftp client, i use filezilla, or you can use: 360 content manager 3.0
Finally got the bloody thing to work, and it was all my bad.
as usual great upload Drarbg
Can i play this with xk3y?
It don;t work for me :/ It says try reinstaling the game. How to make it work ?
works great for me. used imgburn , verbatim disc , and am using a flashed old school 360. BTW , wanna fall off the world like the glitch in the first horizon game??? Leave the garage , going left. When you get outta the fenced off area , do a 180 and follow the fence line , when you start to get to the area with the trees to your right while driving along the fence line , your car will fall into an invisible hole. LOL
Is this Region Free?
not sure if its region free but i'm playing it on an american console. No jtag , just flashed. So NTSC definetly but not sure if its a specific region or not.
Why are there problems with the ISO with abgx360?
Topology file missing and the ISO cannot be verified?
When will this game receive a clean bill of health?
@flip69: I have the same doubt.
I can't understand why some people say that they burned and worked fine without the verification with ABGX.
Hey, So ABGX is down... like what the literal fuck?
Any news guys? follow the instructions guys and abgx360 will work again
godofwar that link is also down.
Did you even try it before posting?
The AGBX360 link is working (wasn't earlier) and if you follow the directions it will take you step-by-step on how to update your host for the application. Also, thanks for the upload @Drarbg!
@flip69 yes the link is working. my abgx360 is working fine and for the others i recommend it. try to download abgx360 ini file and put it into abgx360 app as says the instructions
@flip69 follow this link for abgx360 if the other isnt working @flip69 follow this link for abgx360 if the other isnt working
@flip69 Follow the instructions on (or if it does not work)
Godofwar thanks so so much for your help.
The IP address worked where the URL didn't.
Your instructions were great.
Is anyone else hitting 45% on the install and getting "disc is scratched or dirty"? ABGX verified it and everything checks out but it won't play. Can't get past the start menu. Suggestions?
No problems on my RGH. Just hook up my external hdd to pc and drag the game over to it after running through XIB...done
Can I play this somehow on PC???