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Diablo III Reaper Souls Ultimate Evil Edition XBOX360 COMPLEX
2014-08-16 00:28:18 GMT
Drarbg VIP

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Arrr! Spread the Love and Seed at least a couple of of days scaLawags! ?(●̮̃•)۶ wiLL pay it forward miseLf for a month. already at 22.5%@ 400-500kb/s

anyhow i hope this one's good as this:
didn't have any issues with it, unlike with this:
(anyone knows why?)safewinds and godspeed :)
Tackar Drarbg
Please! is just english? or have another language?
thank you for the torrent man..but i have a question, in order to play the expansion pack do we have to finish Diablo III or we can jump into expansion whenever we like?
Does this work with TRUNCATE?
Lovely. Xbox and PS users get a full offline working release, while PC users are screwed because of constant internet connections. Thank you Blizzard!
Can anybody answer Baldi91's question?
Does this work with truncate?
Is it xgd3 or xgd2 ?
yeah can anyone clarify if this is xgd3 or xgd2 and if truncate works ?
It is XGD3, abgx ok, and works in truncate mode.
Forgive my ignorance, people.
But, my copies of the game freeze after a few minutes of play.
I noticed that no one else said anything about this freezing issue. So, it is the way I'm burning it or something?

Any insight would be appreciated.
Hi there! I was wondering if anyone here could tell me how to properly download this game to play on xbox. I only know how to DL movies lol. Briefly what programs, and how..

THX. I don't want to get banned lol
Everyone burning games take a second to read this :
I've burned countless games and never ONCE experienced any problems with a burnt and verified disk, even burning at max speed.
Hope this helps some people out.
Can anyone please tell us if theres some another language in this game?
Is portuguese avaiable?

Esse só está em inglês, velho. Também to aguardando o lançamento em português.

Release only in english.
can anyone help me flash an xbox 360 liteon drive? :D
game freeze when starting act 5.
bad burn?
do i need some kind of dash update? or the game doesn't work rgh? it crashes and say i need to reinstall
does this work with diablo 3 saves, don't wanna start the game from the beggining again